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Watch : Emraan Hashmi’s Raaz Reboot Trailer

Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming movie Raaz Reboot(Raaz 4) full trailer released. A few days back movie teasers already out and they received an overwhelming  response from the viewers. But, those two teasers failed to deliver any good scare.

Raaz Reboot is the fourth installment of ‘Raaz’ franchise where the horror has been juiced out.The trailer looks like the same story  in a loop from Vikram Bhatt camp.

The movie stars Emraan Hashmi  debutante Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora in the lead role. Director Vikram Bhatt directs the movie produced by Mahesh Bhatt,Mukesh Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar.

The movie is all about a young married couple move into a new home and living in a beautiful mansion in Romania.The couple is played by Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav.Again in this series a dark character playing by Emraan Hashmi.He can help the damsel in distress.



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