Triple Talaq Row : Muslim Law Board Rejects Government’s Proposal

All India Muslim Personal Law Board(AIMPLB) said on Thursday that it would boycott the law commission over triple talaq issue, which was being heard by the supreme court. Hazrat maulana Wali Rahmani of the Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) said, “We will oppose the Uniform Civil Code across the country and there are so many cultures in this nation which have to be respected.”

Rehman alleged that the commission is not independent but it is acting as Modi’s government.”We will boycott the law commission. It is biased”.Rehman said.Rahmani also alleged that Law commission’s actions are illegal,It is a sort of cheating,Muslims have equally participated in India’s freedom struggle, but their participation is always underestimated.Even every religious community in India want to live with its religious norms, whether it is Sikh, Cristian,Hindu or anyone else. We should respect all the religions.


Maulana Rahmani also quoted We are living in this country with an agreement held by the constitution. Constitution has made us live and practices our religion.The issue does not concern the Muslims only. It’s about various communities,triple talaq and polygamy are specially defined in Muslim laws and we will follow only

However,that banning triple talaq is not against Sharia law because the Quran does not have such a provision, It is a later addition,Muslim women’s organization said.
The government of India had opposed the triple talaq,the government had submitted its affidavit in the apex court that triple talaq is not an integral part of Islam.The case was filed by Shayara Bano later merged with similar petitions by other organization.