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Things Men Are Doing Wrong in Bed

Every man wants to be great in bed.But half of the men aren’t. The majority of men don’t know the things that they do wrong in bed.Some of them can’t stop talking about s..,they assume that they are best out there.Some of them truly clueless as to what they are doing wrong.Nearly 50% of men finishing their s.. in two minutes or less.

Here are some things men are doing wrong in bed .

 Direct Attack – No foreplay
Remember that women love foreplay,you must have considered it to be an essential part of s…Most important thing here is it makes s.. feel rushed.It’s totally awesome when foreplay happens.Direct attack is like a selfish.

 Don’t Assume

We are not porn stars to do acrobatic stunts while s…Just because you were satisfied, you can’t assume that we were too.All women not easily orgasm some need some extra assistance.

 Respect Your Partner Feelings

If you want to try out things,just ask your partner if she would feel comfortable with it.If she is not positive better to stop such things.

 Bad Kissing

No matter how great you are at the action.. If you’re a bad kisser, you’ll never get anywhere in bed.

 Too Much Talking

Talking dirty before and during s.. is one of my main pleasures in life.It really adds to the s..ual happiness.But repeated and continuous talking is not exciting.

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Don’t be oral always.
Changing positions gives more thrill and involving in the s…
Women don’t want to have s.. in the same position, over and over again.


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