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Revealed : 7 years old Sai Lakshmi Prasanna Murder Case

Sai Lakshmi Prasanna, the 7-year-old girl who died on Wednesday(12-10-2016) after her throat was slashed using a shaving blade.After 3days mystery police found in their investigation that the minor boy killed Lakshmi Prasanna.

The Medchal police declared that the boy lives near the house of Prasanna and took him into custody.Police got some clues at the spot a strand of hair in the hand of Sai Lakshmi Prasanna and the boy left his footwear near Prasanna’s home.The reason behind the murder is Prasanna saw him while he theft the money from her home.

That day Lakshmi Prasanna was found lying in the pool of blood with injuries in the bathroom,Venkata Lakshmi,her aunt immediately took her to a nearby hospital, but the girl died while undergoing treatment.Petbasheerabad ACP Ashok Kumar said that there was no involvement in this murder case.

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