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Police Officer Receives Death Threat, Who Reciting Patriotic Poem Against Pakistan

A police officer(Manoj Thakur), Head Constable from Himachal Pradesh police on Monday received a death threat on facebook, the man whose poetic threat to Pakistan went viral after the Uri attack.Thakur posted screenshots of personal messages sent to him by two men named Farman Khan and Bilal Ahmad.

“Yes, I have received death threats from Pakistan and Dubai and I am not afraid of any threat. I have informed my superior about it” said the brave Manoj.

The video was uploaded by him on ‘Kargil Day’ (July 26) but it went viral in the aftermath of the Uri terrorist attack.The video was being shared by thousands of people on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networking websites.The 130-second video with Manoj reciting the poem was shot on a bus carrying police personnel.It says any “misadventure” would “wipe Pakistan out of the world map”.

The poem was made popular by Sadhvi Balika Saraswati, a young VHP(Vishwa Hindu Parishad) leader and is an open warning of violence if Pakistan continues to abet terror.

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