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Petrol Price Hiked by Rs1.34 per Litre and Diesel Price up by Rs2.37

Petrol price was on Saturday(15-10-2016) hiked by Rs.1.34 per litre, the fifth increase in two months, and diesel by Rs.2.37 per litre.The last hike was also in October (petrol was by 14 paise per litre diesel was by 10 paise a litre). The new rates will be effective from midnight.A fifth increase in the price of petrol in three months.

The hike announced by oil companies is excluding state levies.After including local VAT, petrol will now cost Rs.66.05 a litre in Delhi,Diesel will cost Rs.55.26 per litre as against Rs.52.61 a litre at present.

“The current level of international product prices of petrol and diesel and INR-USD exchange rate warrant increase in selling price of petrol and diesel, the impact of which is being passed on to the consumers with this price revision,” Indian Oil Corp. (IOC) said in a statement.

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