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Pawan Kalyan powerful speech at the end of the meeting

pawan speech

Janasena Part President Pawan Kalyan held a public meeting in Tirupati.

His speech at the end as it is:

Okkasaari ee stage meedi nundi Delhi lo unna cetral leadership ki oka message cheppadalachukunna ……….

“Respected Sirs of BJP and Congress of the National Party,we are deeply hurt .. you are not able to see our angst,our pain,our agony,our anger,our tears. Maybe we are not within your vicinity as you are  UP NORTH and we are in DOWN SOUTH..DOWN SOUTH..Maybe that’s why we are not able to be in your vicinity.”

“But I Pawan Kalyan the President of Janasena Party representing Seemandra People..I and we all of us together will make sure that we will be in your vicinity and we will fight for our right right right…. Jai Hind…

oke okkasaari vaallaku ardamayyela Hindi bashalo chepdaam.

“हम लड़ेंगे हम  लादेंगे हम जीतने तक लादेंगे ” idhe sloga teesukondi “लड़ेंगे लादेंगे हम जीतने तक लादेंगे “

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