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Karthi Kashmora Movie Review Rating

Karthi Kashmora Movie Review Rating : Kashmora is much-anticipated historical drama film for hero Karthi.The movie has been released Worldwide on 28 October 2016.The movie Kaashmora released in Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam and Kannada.The film is directed by Gokul features Karthi playing the main role with three shades and Nayantara is opposite to Karthi.

The first look and Trailers of the movie had received audience attention.Let’s check the audience response below.
Everyone will be fascinated with Karthi performance.S.R.Prabhu produced the movie under the banner Dream Warrior Pictures.

Story : 

Kashmora(Karthi) is fraud,cheater. He makes people believe that he has supernatural powers, plays with their superstitions . He always plans to create problems and solves them.His father also a fake baba and serve one ashram. Kaashmora’s family runs away with politician Dhanakoti’s land documents,money,gold and diamonds and they are trapped in an old palace of Rathna Mahadevi(Nayantara).Who is Ratna Devi ? Who is Vikrantaka Raj Nayak ? What is their link ? What happened in the past(700 years ago).

Kaashmora Movie Plus Points : 

Karthi performance in three shades (Kaashmora, Raj Nayak, Mystery Man)
Second Half
Nayantara as Rathna Mahadevi

Kaashmora Movie Minus Points : 

First Half
Slow Pace
Movie Length

Conclusion :

Karthi is terrific as Kaashmora as well as Raj Nayak.Undoubtedly he delivered his career best performance.Dialogue delivery and his action scenes in the war episode really appreciable. Nayanatara comes in a flashback and her role was limited.Sri Divya acts as a student who studies about ghosts,her performance was neat.Vivek gave his best as a Karthi father.

Santosh Narayan music could have been better.Gokul fulfills his role as a director.Flashback of the movie is superb.Cinematography by Om Prakash is nice.30 minutes Visuals look terrific.
Kaashmora Movie Rating : 3/5


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