Govardhan Puja Vidhi 2016,Muhurat and Significance

Govardhan Puja,Annakut(Annakoot) Puja : Govardhana Pooja is celebrated next day after Diwali.Sometimes Govardhan Puja celebrates after 1 day gap of Diwali.Govardhan Puja is also called as the Annakut Puja(Annakoot Puja, Padwa,Bali Pratipada and Gujarati new year).At this day Lord Krishna had defeated the Lord of heaven Indra.So,Govardhana Puja is celebrated to remember the vitory of Lord Krishna over the arrogant Indra.Lord Krishna taught people that stop worshiping Indra and worship the Govardhana Mountain,which brings rain to the earth.

Significance of Govardhana Pooja :

The Govardhana Mountain was lifted by Lord Krishna in order to save the life of people from the arrogant Indra,he was throwing a lot of rain and thunder over the earth, by lifting Govardhana Mountain on his little finger Lord Krishna saved the millions of life.

Govardhana Puja Vidhi – 2016:
Devotees are installing the Govardhana hill with cow dung,mud or craft fixtures.On the Govardhana mountain
made Lord Krishna Idol and also fix a peacock feather on hit to highlight it. In our religious texts,Govrdhana Puja celebrations are suggested during Pratipada Thithi of Karthik month.On this day food made of cerels like rice,wheat,curries made of gram flour and leafy vegetables offered to Lord Krishna,means worshiping the pile of grains.This festival is also celebrate as Bali Pratipada in Maharashtra.The day commemorates the victory of Vamana(Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu over Asura King Bali and Lord Vishnu pushed him to Pataal Lok.

Gujarathi New Year day also celebrates on this day most of the times,celebrated on Shukla Paksha Pratipada of Karthika month.They enjoyed as a new year beacuse the Vikram Samvat begins at this day.

Govardhan Puja Morning(Pratahkal) Muhurat : 06:36am to 08:47am (2 hrs 11 mins)
Govardhan Puja Evening(Sayankal) Muhurat : 3:21pm to 5:32pm (2hrs 11 mins)
Pratipada Start Date : 11:08pm(October 30, 2016)
Pratipada End Date : 01:39pm(November 1, 2016)