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SHOCKING! Two Kannada Actors Drown to Death,Film Stunt Goes Wrong

Shocking news,two Kannada actors Anil and Uday drown to death while shooting a dramatic chase sequence on Monday near to Bengaluru.Both they jumped from a helicopter into a reservoir from a height of around 30 feet.
The lead Duniya Vijay also jumped with them but he swam to the shore.A search operation is on for hours to  find the duo.

It was a Climax shooting of the movie “Masthigudi“,Stuntmen Uday and Anil first jumped into the Thippagondanahalli reservoir without adequate safety measures was not taken and even without prior
rehearsals.Then after Vijay jumped into the water and had to access a life jacket.

The incident took place at around 3:30pm today.An FIR has been filed against the makers of the movie.However, police have said that a small boat with life jackets,but they were not responding to save them.

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