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Be The Bitch – Shruti Haasan Unblushed

Have you ever noticed and paid attention to the woman you call a Bitch? She’s a woman who’s too difficult for you to handle. She’s a woman who has the balls to object to your opinion. So next time when someone calls you a Bitch, own it.

Shruti Haasan does absolute justice to the video, with the poem written and narrated by her.

Watch Here : Be The Bitch – Shruti Haasan Unblushed

About her collaboration with Blush, the actress said:
I don’t believe one needs to fit into an archetype or follow set norms. As an egalitarian, I am a firm believer that our understanding of certain stigma-laden terms needs an overhaul and that’s what made me do this video. I discussed the idea with the Blush team to come out with this showcase of the gutsy yet vulnerable woman of today who is otherwise labeled as “the bitch”. I worked on it further, fleshing it out with my opinions and how centuries of notions have colored our vision and understanding. I am happy with how the video has shaped up – it calls a spade a spade – and well, it’s honest.

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